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Note Legali

Complying to Art. 2250 of the Italian Civil Rights and as stated in the Law of the 7th July 2009 n. 88,  we produce the following details:

Bimas Engineering di Massimo Bruni

Legal Headquarter
Via Niccolò Copernico n.45
Certaldo (FI)
Production Site
Via Mazzini n°40 – Loc. Badia a Cerreto
Gambassi Terme (FI)
VAT Number/Partita Iva n. 06478830489

Telephone (mobile) +39 338 9577778
e-mail address: r&d@bimasengineering.eu

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For any further enquiry please write to our e-mail address: r&d@bimasengineering.eu

Complying to Law n. 62/2001 and to the Resolution n. 236/2001, Art. 31(a) of the Law n. 39/2001, Art. 7 (3) of the Dlgs n. 70/2003 of the attachment N (electronic journals) of the Journalistic Contract 2001-2005 and to the Journalist Law n. 69/1963 everything that is published on this website is intended only for information and promotion of the activities of Bimas Engineering.