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Activities and services


Studying of the production system and feasibility

  • Materials to glue
  • Choice of adhesive/glue
  • Production volume to reach
  • Studying of laws and requirements




  • Mechanical, Electronic, Chemic and Robotic knowledge
  • Tests performed on finished products
  • Risk analysis, technical book, user and mainteinance manual
  • Economical analysis
  • Production process and work planning.



Production and Start-up

  • Building of the machinery or production line
  • Start up on customer’s site



Research & Development

Bimas Engineering is always developing and studying new technologies, for gluing solutions always respecting the environment, and new devices able to increase the performance of the final product




  • Process lay out
  • Gluing tests
  • Lab tests
  • Choice of the better solution according to the tests
  • Building of a three dimensional unit, automation, construction details with relative calculation and sizing




According to the customer’s inputs, Bimas Engineering studies the solutions and produces according to quality standards stated by the law, prototypes electro-mechanical or robot controlled that can then be produced and sold.

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