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Machinery for adhesive feeding and catalyst


Optimizing production to improve quality should be the task of every company. The bi-components adhesives, before the are placed in the machine need to be treated and this is obviously a loss of time. Bimas has two systems to dispense adhesives, one for single component and one for bi-components adhesives. These systems allow to reduce costs and improve daily production.




SAM is the machine designed for supplying mono component adhesives of vinyl or polyurethane. The pump is fitted on a special support in painted metal; the pump takes the adhesive from the tank and pushes the adhesive into the wells. Once the minimum level is reached the pump starts working again to reach the maximum level. The dispenser can supply both the levels of the spreader at the same time or separately.

The machinery is built according to CE standards and requirements.




SAB is the machine designed for the supply of adhesive blended with catalyst. The machine is built according to the types of adhesives and catalyst used. The pumps are fitted on a special support in painted metal. The tubes for the supply usually are   8 mt. long, on request longer tubes can be provided. The pumps pick up directly from the tanks that are bought, if needed boxes can be fitted on the machine from where the products can be picked. On the spreader is fitted a head group with the mixture of adhesive and catalyst. Tubes and jugs are fitted to supply the mixture to the wells. Every well works independently and if only the upper part is required the lower part can be turned off. Probes guarantee the mixture; the machine has its own washing system to be used at the end of the work. The machine are regulated by a CPU and can be managed by a touch screen. The machine guarantees the quantities and the state of the mixture.

The machinery is built according to CE standards and requirements.




To complete the TC spreader, the supplier is important to optimize the production; Bimas Engineering has a global vision of the entire production chain, this is way we distribute this product. The machine is set once the type of production is defined and the type of adhesive has been chosen. The machinery is built according to CE standards and requirements.


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